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We’ve all pinned sticky notes on our screens, desks or walls at some point to remind us of relevant information. A couple of well-placed notes can have a significant impact on getting your daily goals.

NetSuite has a bundle that allows you to create and pin notes on the screen, saving the world form paper and glue, and bringing you that 90’s nostalgia that makes you smile. Read Klugo Business Consultant, Henry Sack’s tip on the SuiteApp Sticky Notes.

Sticky Notes SuiteApp Bundle

StickyNotes enables users to create and track notes on NetSuite record pages. StickyNotes can be highlighted with traffic light colouring allowing prioritisation on screen. These notes are faster to use and manage than toggling between tabs or writing general records.

StickyNotes users create these digital reminders to hold temporary information that does not need to be stored permanently for historical reporting. Users can create private or public notes, both can be addressed to another user or multiple users.

Users can manage all their notes attached to all records via the StickyNotes Board. The board gives the user the ability to sort, filter, archive, delete and reply as well as search and change the view between list and grid.

Last but not least, StickyNotes is a free managed NetSuite SuiteApp bundle. Installation is easy. Simply go to Customisation > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles and type in either StickyNotes or #49018 (Bundle ID) then click on Install.

SuiteApps, like StickyNotes, are applications that extend NetSuite for your industry and business needs. They run completely inside NetSuite and live in the same database as your data. For more tips and information of useful SuiteApps and more from NetSuite follow our corporate Social Media and follow our Consultants’ profiles below.

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Henry Sack

Henry Sack

Solutions Consultant

Read here Henry’s original post and follow him for more tips and tricks on leveraging the power of NetSuite.

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